About us

Diddywear started out as a printed t shirt company. After looking long and hard for accessories to sell on the website we came across some great international brands so decided to bring these to the UK as a distributor.

We now stock Wild & Soft, Elks & Angels and along the way have dabbled in our own ranges. Both ranges are handmade and can all vary slightly.

Wild and Soft cares about the planet and the animal kingdom. Therefore, we set up the Wild and Soft foundation. This foundation supports 2 wildlife sanctuaries: The Zonnegloed sanctuary in Belgium and the Cikananga sanctuary in Indonesia. We chose Indonesia, as this is the country where the Wild and Soft items come to life.

These wildlife sanctuaries take care of animals that are seized by illegal trade, private ownership, exploitation by entertainment business or research. In addition, many animals are also threatened by declining habitat and deforestation. The sanctuaries provide shelter and offer a safer place to grow, heal and recover. The animals mainly arrive in neglected state where they receive the professional care they need to rehabilitate. We and the sanctuaries have an important task to raise awareness about housing exotic and non-domesticated animals to preserve nature’s future.

Wild and Soft supports the sanctuaries with a small contribution per item sold to stop the illegal wild animal trade and to preserve animal wildlife.